Content Optimization

Our content optimization services will improve the quality of your site and make it more relevant to your target audience.

Remember that your website is not only viewed by people.

Search engines crawl and analyze your site. So we optimize your content for both people and search engines.

Optimizing Text Content

Text content is usually the bulk of your websites’ content. We optimize your text content for people and for search engine crawlers.

URL Links
URL Links on your webpages must be easy to read, contain keywords related to your content and keywords you’re targeting.
Url links being friendly, with related keywords to reach a targeted audience
Page Meta Tittle Tags
Page Meta Tittle Tags This tittle will appear in search engine results. It must be short, descriptive and target the keywords you want to rank high for. It must also contain the name of your website so users know which site the page is located on.
The importance of page meta tittle tags.
Meta Description
Meta Description is the description that shows up under the page title in search results. A good description with targeted keywords will lead users to click on the link in search results.
Meta description tag showing up in search results.
Header Tags
Header tags are tags that define the importance of a phrase or keyword. H1 tag being the most important and H6 tag being the least important. Each main headline on your pages must be targeted appropriately with the correct header tags based upon their level of importance. Your main header must be short, descriptive and contain targeted keywords. Remaining headers and sub headers in your text content must be tagged with the appropriate header tags based on their level of importance.
Header tags are the headlines in an article
Specific Content
Specific content such as product reviews, specific information and specific instructional content must be accompanied with a specific meta data code that identifies exactly what your specific content is about, and what attributes it may contain. This process is called Microformatting, it’s essential to enhance specific content with microformatted meta data in order to be visible to searchers with specific search queries.
Using structured data markup to describe specific content.
We optimize your site's web content and perfect your urls. We'll also optimize with metas and micro-formatted metadata that will ensure that your website gets found.

Optimizing Media Content

Images & videos are powerful ways to reach your audience, and they are indexed by search engines, so it's important to ensure that they are optimized properly.

Optimizing Images
Images can slow down a site significantly. In order to avoid this problem, we use Photoshop to trim the weight off of the photo and make all of your images web ready. We use content delivery networks that load images from servers around the world rather than a single database from one location. After that, we optimize the images for search engines by adding text around the image with your target keywords, title, description and the related content found on the page. Lastly we add Microformatted metadata codes to describe the image’s relevancy to the text content on the page.
Image being optimized in photoshop to trim out the weight, for faster website.
Optimizing Videos
Our videos are optimized with titles, descriptions, text content and micro formatted metadata describing the video's relevancy to the content on your page. Then we will crate a video site map describing exactly where your videos can be found on your website and what the videos are about. This will make it easier for search engines to properly display them.
Video being optimized to load faster.
We optimize all your images & videos by trimming down the weight and by adding specific microformatted metadatata in all media.