Web Application Development

To run and grow your business you will need a web application integrated with your business work flow
and business model.

  • Automate workflow.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Eliminate manual work.

Web App Development Process

We are with you on every step in developing your web application to grow your business.


Purpose, Goals & Direction

Once we have the details of the app idea, we prepare a document roadmap to define the purpose of the web app, the goals and the direction the project should take.

Building a roadmap defines the project's direction so that you can work on setting achievable goals and reaching them. It also works to setup a timeline for those goals to be completed.


Research Audience & Security Documents

We research the demographic of users and prospective clients, if any, and chart the results of that research in an analytic reports that include usability, level of access to technology, security and quantitative assesment reports.

Features & Functionality

This key document is created by either the client or the project owner. It defines what a web app is meant to accomplish and all of the technical specifications. It can often become overwhelming, because as defined in the Functional Specifications.

Rule, one must detail all of the users' specific behaviors, but it is worth the time and effort necessary to create it, because it helps to dispel any confusion between the developer and the owner about what the features of the app must have as well as the functions it must perform.

A functional specification will go through every aspect of a users' behavior, and how the site reacts to it. For example:

If you're building a shopping website, and a user clicks a button to add an item to the shopping cart, the item they specified is then added to the shopping cart and the user is directed to the shopping cart page, which displays the item. Creating this page can be overwhelming, which is why it's recommended that you begin by creating a document that summarizes the specifications or one that summarizes the features. This is done by compiling sample screen shots of the web app, or by summarizing the applications features.

Identifying, Analyzing and Specifying Third Party Vendors
  • Developers
  • Financial resources, (i.e accounts and payment gateways).
  • Certificates.
  • Fulfillment centers
  • Server provider or managed server,

Determine which third party vendors we will use as well as their products and services.

Selecting Technology, Defining Specifications, Structure and Timelines

The Technical Specifications is used to provide details on the technology used in the web app, versions, forecasts and licenses.

The Timeline Document identifies the completion dates for features and modules within the web app.

We outline which technology, platform, development environment, structure and framework we will use.

UI design, wire framing, user interface

In order to be successful, a web app must be designed with ease of use in mind.

This means that a user's interactions with the application must be seamlessly synced with elements and the interface in a manner that has a proven track record of usability.

We map out the interactions, wire framing and interface in order to create a visual guide that maps out the user experience. Once this has been approved then the interface is designed by the creative team.


We develop the architecture and framework for the application, the structure of the database, including libraries, classes and modules for the application. Then after, we integrate fulfilment centers, and implement all other functionalities.

The design interface is passed to our development team who use the above process in order to develop the application.

Debugging & Testing

We beta test thoroughly version 1.0 of the application in order to ensure that it passes the highest quality standards. We also address any issues in the application and ensure that they are fixed.

We develop awesome web apps that provide real world solutions and engage your customers with your business